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About Mary Gulino

MARY GULINO of My Artist Loft
Artist & Photographer

Born in a small town in Queens, New York, Mary Gulino knew from an early age that art was her passion and enjoyed exploring many forms of art and photography throughout her childhood. At the age of 20, Mary bought her first 35mm camera and began her long love affair with the art of photography. She began teaching herself the finer techniques and realized that through photography, she was learning how to truly see all that surrounded her with an artistic eye and a quiet mind, seeing beauty in the expected and also in the unexpected and often-overlooked subjects.

In 1995, after a serious car accident, Mary moved from New York to Arizona where she pursued her passion for art and photography further. In 2000, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Intermedia at Arizona State University, receiving the Summa Cum Laude honor with a 4.0 GPA.

Mary began her career as an art and photography instructor in early 2002. In 2010, she fulfilled a long-time dream of moving to Laguna Beach. She started her own company, My Artist Loft, and today she provides instruction in all levels of photography and all mediums of painting and drawing, both in group workshops and with one-on-one personalized lessons. Mary has a keen eye for detail, light, color, design, balance and perspective, and incorporates these important elements into each lesson and into her own art and photography. Although she enjoys all forms of photography, Mary has a special affinity for coastal and vineyard landscape photography, especially of the California coastline and vineyards as well as Hawaii.

Mary is highly regarded by her students who attend her various workshops, many of whom have been long-time students, some for as long as seven years. She conducts her workshops in a casual, relaxed, friendly, family-like environment, which encourages students to return. She enjoys working with artists and photographers at all levels of experience and expertise, from beginner to seasoned professional. Mary encourages her students to experiment with different styles and techniques and challenges them to explore new ways to express their creative voices. Students are encouraged to expand upon their current levels of knowledge, becoming more comfortable applying new techniques to their work. 

You can learn about Mary and My Artist Loft on her website www.MyArtistLoft.com.


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~ Mary Gulino


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